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  • debbie wheaton
    When he is so gentle with my (then) 2 year old grandson!

  • Shelby Parker
    My proudest moment with Bindi is our trail pattern at the 2010 CBC. Just getting there was an accomplishment itself. I bought Bindi as an extremely sour show horse with history of abuse. We overcame countless challenges to get to that moment. We walked into the arena and I felt my heart stop. Bindi came through for me and delivered an impressive pattern. As we completed the final obstacle, I could feel tears start to well up. We didn't place in the class but it didn’t matter. Bindi showed me how far she had come and sometimes the most important show ribbon is the one written on your heart.

    Eye On The Title came into my life a little over a year ago. Due to an accident as a yearling, he lost an eye & was handed down to several owners & never handled much. It wasn't until the summer of his 3 yr old year that we crossed paths & shortly thereafter he became mine. He went through a lot in a short period esp. with his eye surgery. Now less than a year later he was recently crowned with the title of Reserve World Grand Champion Amateur Western Trail Pleasure at the 2013 TWHNC. What some thought was a tarnished object was polished to perfection by the people who believed in him.

  • Leesha Davis
    2008 I was in an accident that almost left me paralyzed. In 5 years my horse has helped me relearn to walk and ride. My Horse Proud Moment is of my 2nd Rodeo in 2012. It showed how much my horse takes care of me. We entered the arena and circled once. Our first turn was great. We got our flying lead change half way to 2nd when my legs & pelvis go limp. I start to slide out of the saddle, nothing holding me in. He hops and bounced me back into the saddle. I start to slide out again. As we get to the 2nd barrel he turns right & heads straight to the only person standing in the arena & halts.

  • Kassie Tabor
    We've had Magnum 2 yrs. He has been to 4 different trainers and has sustained sever injuries at 3 of them. On his 6th Birthday in May we were able to get the $ to send him to his 4th trainer. Hoping and praying that the trainer could accomplish something with him. When we went to pick him up the trainer told us he was still not broke but we were able to watch an apprentice rider mount him. Just watching the horse react positively to a rider was AMAZING! The rider did have a spill but as he re-mounted a sign of relief washed over Magnum It was like he realized being HURT wasn't part of the deal

  • chelsey kelly
    Purdy lady was a skinny bag of bones on the verge of death when we first met. I knew right away I had to have her and nourish her back to health even though I have not had horses since I was a young girl... now she is the apple of my family's eyes and we couldn't imagine life with out this amazing animal... since then I now own two rescue horses and would love to have more.. lady opened my heart up to horses again I am proud to say im a cowgirl again!!!

  • Lauryn Zepeda
    My proud moment isn't affiliated with ribbons, championships or record times. This great sense of accomplishment is from winning over the heart of a mustang. A wild horse born & captured by the BLM of Wyoming who by fate found himself in my pasture of NC. "Gringo" & I are still on a journey, one involving overcoming fears. I'm realizing that all the trials are foundation of the bond we're building. His latest testimony of trust was when he allowed me to load him up & participate in an obstacle competition. I've never placed a prouder 7th, winning nothing but a more amazing level of partnership